Seminar 5

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A critical difficulty in the field of preparing for very unlikely events is that often the real test of effectiveness comes only when a catastrophe is actually under way which means those tasked with preparing plans and contingencies have very little idea whether they have prepared well. In addition, those tasked with allocating public funds to projects in this area are similarly in the dark as to whether they have allocated sufficient resource. Both EMA and public preparedness suffer from having no model of gauging preparedness against to inform policy and target setting.

Therefore Seminar 5 will use the application of models arising from the first 4 seminars and available knowledge to explore measures of preparedness. The concept that will be explored is whether some robust generalisable measures of preparedness based on scientific foundations could be used by practitioners to benchmark their own plans and adjust accordingly. The principle will be explored and, if appropriate, the beginnings of such a model will be discussed.